Staying Within the Lines – Blog Policy

Alhamdulilah, the vast majority of people who read/comment here are lovely.

However, just to be absolutely clear

1)This is my blog. I try to be polite and I endeavour to answer comments. I expect the same level of politeness in return.

2) No anti Islamic comments. There is enough anti Islamic, anti Muslim vitriol in Internetland without it spreading here.

3) Inter Muslim rivalries are of no interest to me. This also includes Ye Olde debates concerning hijab, music, tv, women, ethnic groups within Islam

4) Any sort of judgement about what sort of Muslim I am is unwelcome. If you are that concerned about anything you read here, then make du’a for me instead. That way we both get rewarded. 

5) No swearing, abusive or insulting language. That includes any racist, sexist or other derogatory terms.

6) Real email addresses please. I never share them and I never comment (if possible) without providing mine.

7) This is not Reading Comprehension 101. No comments that are irrelevant to what I have actually written, or are a complete misinterpretation of my post. Respond to what I have written, not to what you think I have written.

8) If you contravene the comment policy, your comment will not be published.

9)Please note, however, that I keep a record of all comments sent to this blog, so if you send me something especially ludicrous, I may still post it anyway at a later date, just to display your idiocy. 

10) If you are a nice person (and I’m sure you are), I don’t mind you linking or quoting any posts, as long as you attribute it to me. Also, if you drop me a trackback or leave a comment/email, I would really appreciate it.

My email address is: safiyaoutlines (at) gmail (dot) com


5 Responses

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  2. It is too easy to be reactionary in the comment boxes. I now try to come back to posts that illicit strong feelings in my gut–but I fail. #9 is the nightmarish reality of online posting. I am mortified by some of the comments I have left–and cannot ever erase~sigh.
    #7 is a doozy. I take classes online–at the University level–and I cannot emphasize enough how poor Americans’ reading comprehension is. I can’t speak for the rest of the English speaking nations–but I recently did some light research on what “literacy” means in America–all I can ask is that you leave a touch of forgiveness for the poorly educated–and emotional 🙂
    Love and Peace,

  3. Salaam Alaikum Brooke. Your comments are always welcome, I really appreciate your views.

    I think we’ve all made comments we regret, I definitely have and I try to really avoid arguing for the sake of arguing now.

    You’re right about reading comprehension. I heard a while ago that the average reading age in the U.K is eleven years old. Subhana Allah.

  4. As-salaaamu-alaikum,
    READING COMPREHENSION! ha! Sometimes i read comments whether on blogs or in forums and want to type in boldface caps: RIF! (reading is fundamental)

  5. Salaam!
    “Ye Olde debates…” hahahaha!
    A good moderation policy.

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