Transphobia makes me mardy

Here’s why:

Point by point. 1) I really dislike the fixation with genitalia, especially as I have encountered so many cases of various ambiguous genitalia. You can be XY and have no penis and XX and have a penis (both I’ve seen). We don’t know why people are trans. It is possible that there is an underlying medical condition causing trans ness, we just haven’t discovered it yet. Not that I think it is necessary to have a big shiny reason for being trans and I completely understand those who reject medically labels surrounding trans gender.

For me one of the prime tenets of feminism is My Body, My Business. Policing genitals and bodies contravenes this. Everyone should have the right to bodily integrity. Also considering the high levels of rape and abuse trans women often suffer, it feels very cruel to paint them as predators.

2)Sheila Jefferys and her ilk think Trans people should not exist. She would ban gender surgery. I think trans people have every right to be angry towards people who want to eliminate them and deem them mentally ill (very ironic for rad fems to use the dsm IV to do this, homosexuality was in there until 1973, now it’s ok to cite against your enemies).

3)Aside from being eliminationist, have you read the things that rad fems write about trans women? Calling post op genitals (again with the fixation) “fuck-holes” which “smell of dead meat” starting websites called Pretendbian which post photos with names of trans lesbian women, which is unspeakably evil and dangerous for these women shown. But then trans women can’t win either they will be sneered at as “never passing” or deemed as “tricksters”.

The above came from a Facebook comment I wrote. What in my haste I did not emphasise is just the level of vitriol these supposed saviours of feminism use about trans people. It is chilling and sickening. Your average not massively informed person would struggle to summon up this level of hatred.

Saying no to transphobia is saying no to hate, saying no to interfering with people’s bodily autonomy, saying no to mockery and disdain. It is helping the marginalised and the brave. Yes, brave. And I will side with braveness against victimising bigots on any occasion.