In Space, No One Can Hear You Clean

I have a burning question:

I am I the only women (particularly of the wifely, child having sort) in the Muslim blogosphere who is rubbish at cooking and has negligible crafting skills?

Masha Allah to all the queens of crafting and cuisine out there, I’m just bitter because knowing about flags and capital cities just doesn’t seem to rate as highly in terms of household skills.


I’m writing this with the telly on (C minus Muslim am I) and I just watched Brian Cox (the physicist, not the actor), state that he believes in science, rather than religion because he’s comfortable with the unknown, he then goes on to say that those aren’t comfortable with the unknown, i.e the religious find it difficult to be scientists.

Oh, you Western, White folks. How blinkered you are and you don’t even know it. Folks, who are slightly less blinkered and/or white and western, will have met many, many people for scientific beliefs don’t just co-exist but nourish and fertilise each other.

When I talk of blinkers, I’m being a bit metaphorical, because by blinkers, I really mean the sort of insidious racism which means the achievements and abilities of a whole group of people are erased and minimised because they are not white Europeans. I am of course talking about the many scientific advances made by people of colour (and not just Muslims) who also possessed religious beliefs. They existed, so why do so many white folks act like they invented science?


Back to the geography trivia:

Which countries are doubly landlocked?

Answers in the comments please. I cannot offer any grand prizes for correct answers, but I’ll do a blog post on the topic of your choice for the winner.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve also felt my Muslim femininity challenged by my lack of domestic skills and interests….

  2. Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein. I cook well, but only of a ethnic genre of which I am not a part, so it doesn’t count to most people who don’t enjoy that particular cuisine, and I am NOT a crafter at all.

  3. Assalaamu aleikum
    I frequently lurk around here and enjoy your blog. I’m not sure if I have posted a comment before but I had to say something here.
    No, you are not alone, I am totally domestically challenged, housework bores me to tears and cooking is a real trial sometimes. It seems unfair to me that we are expected to excel at these tasks just because we are female…
    And crafts? not around here I’m afraid! I love to see handmade stuff but have very little talent in that department. Although I did tie-dye t-shirts with the offspring a couple of summers ago…

  4. Umm…I can’t really cook=( but I can make my own cereal 😀

  5. Salams
    I cook and clean quite well but still pale in comparasion to people from back homelandia. I am completely self taught in cooking and learned most of my cleaning from working in cafes. One thing that bothers me is that I clean for hygiene not order and many “good muslim wives” I run into are more interested in the order. Like I am very picky about my kitchen sponges but will let a stack of books sit on the floor…

  6. I am the most undomesticated Muslim wife I have ever come across.

  7. We hire a cleaning lady twice a month. It’s the only way I can even hope to keep up with the cat hair! Also, I despise cleaning…I’m a great cook and a happy crafter, but admittedly put scrubbing and tidying up at the bottom of the priority list.

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