A Summary of Recent Stoniness

A belated Ramadan and Eid Mubarak to you all.

I have recently moved and had no internet, hence my delay in moderating and blogging.

Two recent posts here have discussed spiritual abuse within Islam, particularly the abuse meted out to women. The most recent post provoked a detailed discussion. Here is a summary of my thoughts as a conclusion.

1)Despite it being the blessed month of Ramadan, several people that I linked to have been receiving death threats and other harassment both on and offline. Yes, really.  So when people wonder why more people have not spoken out, please bear this in mind.

2)Pretty much every big name Sheikh/Imam/Whatever you can think of has been asked to speak out about this. None of them have.

They all know about it and have done so for years and yet, whatever other good works they have done, they chose to remain silent on this.

3)Is it the movement itself, or the movement mentality that is destructive? The Western Muslim community has lurched from fad, to fad, from speaker to speaker. Is it that we haven’t found our way yet, or is there something more self destructive?

The book buying, the lecture attending, the travelling. Are we developing piety or just trying to buy it,  participating in an ‘Islamicised’ version of Western consumerism?

4)I used to think the Ummah’s greatest problem was lack of religious knowledge. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

How knowledgable do you have to be, to know you should not divorce on a whim, that refusing to support your children is wrong?

Does that really take years of learning? Do you really need someone to hold your hand while you grasp those basic concepts?

5)The destruction and instability of Muslim families will lead more children out of Islam then any amount of pop culture.

If children are raised seeing Islam as a positive thing, they will respect it and follow it, even if they have a few meanderings on the way.

If they see it as a source of misery and chaos, they will run far, far away. Especially our daughters.

So beware of those who call for the destruction of families in the name of piety.

6)Islam has been around for a long time now. There have been far tougher times for the Ummah then this.

7)Despite what anyone tells you, though there may be struggles, being a good Muslim is easy. I generally don’t hadith toss, but I’m sure everyone know the hadith that basically states performance of the five pillars = jannah.

Those who make it sound much, much harder then that, tell you how much you need them in order to succeed…. what are their motivations?

Allah the Most High is closer to us then anyone else could ever be.

He is the Most Loving and Most Merciful.