Carnival Time – Celebrating Muslim Motherhood

Firstly, a confession. I didn’t get many submissions, so I actually went hunting for some worthy material.

Masha Allah, there is so much out there, this is just a small selection.

If anyone would like to add to it, please email me: safiyaoutlines at gmail dot com, or alternatively, you can leave comment.

On with the carnival!

Luckyfatima describes how giving birth provides a new awareness of your body and it’s natural strength

Mamamona posts about raising her son to be a good Muslim man. Gori Wife shares her feelings at having a son and ponders the questions he may ask about his faith as he grows older

Happy Muslim Mama tells of how cultural values lead to daughters being undervalued and how she is ensuring her daughters grow up secure in their worth.

Nzingha is encouraging her daughter to follow her dream of being an Islamic judge.

A Mother can frequently feel torn between many roles, that of a Muslimah, a wife, a mother, plus their own wants and needs. Tasmiya and Southern Muslimah each describe how they cope with such conflicts.

Incorporating the deen into every day life and instilling a love for Allah The Most High is the most important role of any Muslim parent.

Muslim Mama recalls the deen routine she grew up with and how she is doing similar activities with her children.

Achelois’ post is a beautiful story of teaching her son the power of du’a

In her second post of the carnival, Happy Muslim Mama details the difficulties and rewards of praying with children.

Leila El Haddad of the Raising  Yousuf and Noor blog describes celebrating Eid, making it fun for her children while hiding the worry she feels for her parents. Please make du’a that they are reunited soon.

The next selection of posts look at Muslim mothers, from a daughter’s perspective.

Baraka and Digital Niqabi‘s beautiful posts both look at their how their relationship with their mothers has changed as they have grown to know them as people, beyond the mothering role. Updated: Yasmine from Sweep the Sunshine has also submitted a post about her mother. These three posts are glorious examples of the love a mother can inspire.

Finally, being the mother to a Muslim when you are not Muslim yourself.

In a post that resonated with me personally, Molly Multicultural Muslimah describes  how her mother supported her through her conversion.

Alhamdulilah for mothers, being mothered and mothering.


Blog Carnival: Celebrating Muslim Motherhood

The Carnival will be on 25th April 2009, insha Allah.

All submissions welcome, the more the merrier! Doesn’t matter if you’re a mother or not, as long as it relates to the subject title, it’s welcome

This a great chance to counteract the usual headpatting associated with the topic.

You can use a new post, an old post, if you don’t have a blog I’ll put the post up here.

Just email your post links or posts to:

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I want to blow bubbles for ever

When Oreo was born, I wanted to put us both in a bubble. A warm, cosy bubble where we could eat, sleep and snuggle.

It wasn’t possible to build an actual bubble, but we’re still in a bubble like state. We have our little world of feed times, nap times bath time, afternoon walks, smiles and tickles.

And it’s wonderful, Alhamdulilah.

That might sound like Mr Outlines is on the sidelines, but far from it. Abu Oreo loves his baby girl. He’s in love. As I watch him cuddle her and whisper to her in Arabic I see a new side to him and I love him even more.

I’m wondering why I’m writing this. I’m not the most sharing type of blogger. I guess it’s because you read so much about the downside of parenting, I just wanted to talk about the positives.

Islamically, mothering is seen a an important role, but too often it’s made to sound like a grim duty, rather then the joy and form of worship that it is.

So I’ve decided to host a blog carnival. The theme is Muslim motherhood. Any submissions dealing with being a Muslim mother or having a Muslim mother are welcome. Leave me an email, comment or trackback and on 25th April 2009, insha Allah,  I’ll put up all the links.