Flash I love you, but we only have 14 hours to save the Earth

Six days to go until the big day, insha Allah. Although everything is in place so it could happen at anytime. I’m fearful that my waters will break in public and I will die of shame before I have the chance to give birth.

I am officially fed up with being pregnant now. I won’t elaborate, because it is for all the bog standard pregnant lady reasons.

Talking of pregnant and recently pregnant ladies, here’s my thoughts on the Rachida Dati situation:

Here’s a thought. A lot of people are saying that in her job, Dati couldn’t take four months maternity leave, it’s not feasible as her job is too high pressured and so on.

Now, imagine if she was diagnosed with cancer. Do you think people would still say she couldn’t have any time off? Especially after all the male politicians who have done the same? No, of course not. Someone would be appointed to cover her position and she would be able to go back to work whenever she felt ready to do so.

So the issue, isn’t really her job, it’s that there is still resistance to the concept that giving birth or child rearing is worth having time off work for and that employers should accommodate it.

I posted it here too.


I wasn’t going to write anything about Gaza… as what else is there to say that hasn’t already been said/written?

However I received an email today requesting that we write to our MP.  I’m so glad I did as I received an email back detailing their opposition to the Israeli action and that they have already applied for a debate in the House of Commons and have spoken to the foreign secretary.

So for any U.K readers, if you go to this website:


You will be able to identify your local M.P and write to them.

It’s easy to be cynical, but this a great opportunity that many people do not have. Oh, and if I get any comments that democracy is kufr… I ‘ll just laugh at them.


I’ve been seeing some bad films lately and not even on purpose.

The first was Wanted. James McAvoy is a lovely person, I’m sure, but his continuing success baffles me. About half way through, I turned to my faithful film watching companion, Mr Outlines, and said,

“You remember Department 13 (kick ass french film)? It probably cost a tenth as much as this and yet is was ten times as good”.

He had to concur.

Then we saw Babel. Afterwards:

Me: “But it was nominated for an Oscar… it’s meant to be good!”

Mr Outlines: “That means nothing!”

Plus, there was some completely cringe-making gratuitous nudity in it.

Why don’t they make films like this anymore:

We used to watch this all the time as children (even though I had to shut my eyes for the scary bits).


12 Responses

  1. I thought Wanted was crap too. AS IF he could put watches on all those mice, one by one…I was rolling my eyes too many times throughout the movie.

  2. O…m…G!

    I haven’t seen that film in yeeeeears! I also used to watch it all the time as a kid! Watching the trailer gave me chills!

    I keep rolling my eyes every time I see the warnings on seemingly harmless films: “contains sexual scenes”. Why does every film have to contain blinking sexual scenes?! There is a whole disgusting genre of “films” dedicated to that filth… why do they have to mess up potentially good movies for the sake of ‘artistic license’? Cheap thrills more like. Sigh…

    Anyway… may Allah grant you a smooth and trouble free delivery, ameen! Please keep up informed when the little’un turns up, insha’Allah. Get Mr Outlines to blog, if you’re too exhausted. 🙂

  3. *us informed

  4. Asalaam Aalikum,

    Mona – Do you know I hadn’t actually thought of that, I was too distracted by them all being blown up. Oh, and the idea of a magical loom which randomly throws out names of people who need to be assassinated. Utter tripe.

    iMuslim – Thank you for your du’a.
    Btw, apparently the U.K was one of the few countries that Flash Gordon was a hit in, I think because we ‘got’ the tongue in cheekness of it.

    I agree with you about the films too. It’s funny how in soaps, people have very active bedroom lives and we aren’t shown anything, but in films it becomes a matter of “artistic licence” .

  5. You are TOO considerate to not bore us with the details of your discomfort! This is a very sweet time–just you and Mr. Outline, savor it. Bable-shaking head-uff.
    Love and Peace,

  6. hahahha enjoy your bad films now cuz you sure won’t have time to hang around and watch a full film for a while! Many du’as for you!

  7. Apologies for dropping by–I followed your comment on Muslimah Media Watch, and just wanted to send good thoughts for your birth! My partner’s water broke in the chiropractor’s office as she was waiting to be adjusted. Luckily, our chiropractor lent her an extra set of pants she had around and a towel to sit on for the cab ride home! Oh, well, all three of us survived the experience eventually. Inshallah yours will be easy and quick (but not too quick)!

  8. Salaam Alaikum,

    Brooke – See I’m trying not to bore everyone with my seemingly never ending pregnancy, but it’s hard because I’m boring myself.

    Luckyfatima – See comment above. At this rate, I’ll still be sat here the size of a house watching the Oscars. Jazak Allahu Khayran for the du’as

    Emily – Don’t apologise! Welcome to the blog. At least her waters broke before he started adjusting, if it had happened mid way through, that would have somehow been even worse.

  9. Wow, you’re still pregnant! J/k!

  10. Asalamu Walaikum,
    I read your comments regarding the images of Gaza and this is something I have been wrestling with in how I can use the images in my own work. Presently I have decided to only use images that reflect living beings. I came across this on another sister’s blog and thought it was quite a different take from how I have been thinking: Showing the Wounds of the Muslims in Palestine and Other Places

    FYI-I’m not familiar with the site, was just led to this article.

  11. Walikum Salaam Brooke –

    Thanks for the link, it’s an interesting take on the issue.

    For anyone else reading this – I am against the usage of pictures of dead Palestinians. I find such images to be disrespectful to the dead and ultimately desensitising to those who view them. Such imagery has been in circulation for years and yet very little has changed. If people do not value the lives of Palestinian men, women and children when they are alive, then they will not be perturbed by their deaths.

    Finally, we should not be so devoid of imagination that we need to see dead bodies to understand the horror of ethnic cleansing.

  12. Well put, masha Allah.

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