Alhamdulilah Rabbil Alamin

Forty weeks + five days + the hardest sixteen hours of my life

= a 9lb5oz (4.2kg) baby girl.

Alhamdulilah! Now I understand why the hadith states that carrying your mother on your back while making Hajj does not  equal a single labour pain.

Alhamdulilah, what blessings Allah the Almighty grants us in this life. How wonderful and amazing. For all my fellow Muslimeen reading this, I remembered you in my du’as. May Allah shower you all with blessings.


Flash I love you, but we only have 14 hours to save the Earth

Six days to go until the big day, insha Allah. Although everything is in place so it could happen at anytime. I’m fearful that my waters will break in public and I will die of shame before I have the chance to give birth.

I am officially fed up with being pregnant now. I won’t elaborate, because it is for all the bog standard pregnant lady reasons.

Talking of pregnant and recently pregnant ladies, here’s my thoughts on the Rachida Dati situation:

Here’s a thought. A lot of people are saying that in her job, Dati couldn’t take four months maternity leave, it’s not feasible as her job is too high pressured and so on.

Now, imagine if she was diagnosed with cancer. Do you think people would still say she couldn’t have any time off? Especially after all the male politicians who have done the same? No, of course not. Someone would be appointed to cover her position and she would be able to go back to work whenever she felt ready to do so.

So the issue, isn’t really her job, it’s that there is still resistance to the concept that giving birth or child rearing is worth having time off work for and that employers should accommodate it.

I posted it here too.


I wasn’t going to write anything about Gaza… as what else is there to say that hasn’t already been said/written?

However I received an email today requesting that we write to our MP.  I’m so glad I did as I received an email back detailing their opposition to the Israeli action and that they have already applied for a debate in the House of Commons and have spoken to the foreign secretary.

So for any U.K readers, if you go to this website:

You will be able to identify your local M.P and write to them.

It’s easy to be cynical, but this a great opportunity that many people do not have. Oh, and if I get any comments that democracy is kufr… I ‘ll just laugh at them.


I’ve been seeing some bad films lately and not even on purpose.

The first was Wanted. James McAvoy is a lovely person, I’m sure, but his continuing success baffles me. About half way through, I turned to my faithful film watching companion, Mr Outlines, and said,

“You remember Department 13 (kick ass french film)? It probably cost a tenth as much as this and yet is was ten times as good”.

He had to concur.

Then we saw Babel. Afterwards:

Me: “But it was nominated for an Oscar… it’s meant to be good!”

Mr Outlines: “That means nothing!”

Plus, there was some completely cringe-making gratuitous nudity in it.

Why don’t they make films like this anymore:

We used to watch this all the time as children (even though I had to shut my eyes for the scary bits).