The Dark Side of the Bellybutton

A very belated Eid Mubarak to you all. If I’m honest, Eid Al Adha often seems to slip past, Insha Allah I must do more to celebrate it next year. Often I feel there’s more discussion about the rights and wrongs of participating in non-Muslim celebrations, then about how to celebrate our own occasions.

I’m determined that for my children, insha Allah, Eid will be an exciting and special time, firstly, because that’s how it’s meant to be, secondly, because I want them to realise that joyfulness IS a part of Islam.

Talking of children, I am offically a big pregnant woman. It’s 40 days left until D-Day, although I have a feeling she’ll pop out before then.

As I have mentioned previously, pregnancy has a few unwanted side effects, namely that it inspires outpourings of unwanted advice from those around you. The latest is when to go on Maternity Leave. It’s great that some people worked up until the last minute but I do not wish to be one of them. I go to work to work, not to possibly give birth.

So me and my hideously swollen feet and ankles* are currently relaxing at home where I’m alternating between reading and tidying and organising everything.

I know my life is about to change forever, but it still seems a bit unreal.

I’ve been tagged twice.

First up, Souvenirs and Scars’ Butterfly awards, which is an award for cool blogs. You have to list three and explain why you started blogging.

So, I started blogging because I was inspired by reading so many good blogs, I thought “I fancy having a go at that”… and here I am nearly three years later.

Three cool blogs:

1)On My Mind. She can write a short little post and it will just have so much in it. Her latest post is a great example of that.

2)Inanities. A journalist’s view of Cairo. Here is a good example of her work.

3)Sweep the Sunshine. Beautiful words and pictures. She makes her life sound like poetry.

Next up, Manal’s Bucket List tag.

“Simply state any number of goals you want to achieve in the next 8-10 years. Let them be small goals, big goals, silly goals. It is always nice to think about a bucket list, write it down, and share it. But most importantly, tag others to do the same when you are done.”

In no particular order:

Perform Hajj

Be a good Mum (hopefully have a few children, insha Allah).

Teach my children how beautiful Islam is.

Go to the Sea Palace Restaurant in Amsterdam

Learn Arabic

Memorise Juz Amma

Improve my culinary skills.

Go to Barcelona with Mr Outlines

Visit Northern Ireland and the Republic. I especially want to see the Mountains of Mourne and Donegal, as that’s where my Dad’s family are from.

Get Irish citizenship. Due to point above, I qualify, so might as well make use of it (that’s a very pat summary of my reasons. Will blog about it at some point).

I’m not sure who hasn’t been tagged already, so I tag anyone reading this.

*I have not been able to wear any shoes other then Crocs for months and even big socks cut into my ankles, so I’m currently having to go sockless in the middle of winter. Brrrr!


2 Responses

  1. I second so many of those (on the bucket list). Amsterdam, wow. I’ve only been to the airport. Bought lots of flower bulbs, but did not see the country at all.

    Yay for Barcelona. Spain’s on my TO DO list w/ the hubmeister, too.

    I’m glad you blog!

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy!!! WO-Man, I haven’t visited in awhile! May your child be shaded by the tree on judgement day that shades those who have grown up in the deen, Ameen.

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