Off to the Homeland of Husband, Insha Allah

Yippee! Insha Allah, Mr Outlines and I are flying off to visit zee homelands tomorrow for three whole weeks.

We actually have a half decent camera, so I’ll post some pictures when we get back.

Until, I wish everyone reading this a joyous Eid and a nice three weeks for the non-Eid-ers reading this.


The blessed month, a big burn and baby buttcheeks

A belated Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!

Insha Allah this month is bringing you blessings and nearness to Allah the Almighty. I’m having a reasonable Ramadan, some of my aims I’m achieving, others not so much.

The big burn happened to my right foot.

I was standing barefoot in the middle of the kitchen, near the cooker, when I felt the overwhelming urge to scream. It wasn’t until about three screams later that I actually saw why I was screaming: A saucepan had fallen off the cooker (not sure how), spilling it’s contents of boiling hot butter and pasta all over my foot.

Mr Outlines who was doing the dishes turned round, saw what had happened and threw cold water on it straight away and then filled up a bucket of cold water for my foot.

So ensued a partial thickness burn, several weeks of hospital visits, burn blisters, the breakdown of the burnt tissue, wound dressings, barely being able to walk and pain, Ya Rabb the pain. Childbirth is really going to have to work hard to top this.

In a conversation shortly afterwards, Mr Outlines and I discussed how these things happen as a test. To which I exclaimed “But Allah subhana wa T’Ala, knows me, He knows I’m rubbish at tests and being patient!”

The thing I usually take away from each Ramadan is a renewed sense of humility. We can be so arrogant on the earth, yet having to go without food and water quickly weakens us, makes us realise how dependent we are on Allah’s rizq.

When my foot was at it’s most painful, walking or even standing became very difficult. Even going from room to room was a major effort and struggle. Little tasks like washing the dishes or making wudu became tests of balance and endurance. I would watch people walking outside the house and see how they didn’t even have to worry about putting one foot in front of the other, they just did it. I longed to feel that ease again. I know I would savour it, each step a blessing to feel grateful for.

Alhamdulilah, my foot has nearly healed and I am almost walking normally, although there will probably be extensive scarring, insha Allah this won’t cause any mobility problems.

However, if there is one message I can deliver from this, it is:

Always wear some form of protective foot wear in the kitchen!!!

I know we Muslims tend to be a bunch of bare-footers or flip flop wearers in the house, which is dangerous when you consider our love of frying and boiling food. A chef would never work in flip flops and neither should you. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, considering in investing in a pair of chef’s clogs. They’re not that expensive and they will protect your feet.


Aside from that I’ve had my twenty week scan, Alhamdulilah, Oreo is healthy and a good size and is…

…a girl! Alhamdulilah! I didn’t have any preference, but we did both think it would be a girl.

Btw, the Mummy Wars start early don’t they? Already, I’ve had people telling me not to find out the sex (although it was hard not to see on the scan) and how strange it is. Folks, chill, it’s not your baby.

Ah and I have more of this to come. Recently, I witnessed a Muslim gentlemen opining that women should have many children as possible and that not doing so was evidence of the corruption of Muslims by Western values. As I was not really party to this conversation ( I was earwigging on the men across the room), I could do nothing except bite my tongue until the blood dripped down my chin. It’s not enough for us to be good is it? We have to be superior and impress on others our superiority at all times (and yes, this is sarcasm).

Enough ranting.

Alhamdulilah, this is Ramadan and the month of fasting for Allah subhana wa’ t’ Ala alone.

Alhamdulilah for all His blessings, whether we perceive them or not, they are there.