Purple Lines and My Inner Party Animal

I am built along sturdy lines. A downside to this is that even since I got married, people have been asking me if I was pregnant.

Seriously, why do people do that? Why? If someone is pregnant they will tell you. To paraphrase the traditional shop sign: “Do not ask if someone is pregnant as refusal often offends”

So the answer was no as we were not planning on children just yet. Eventually we caved under the weight of stereotypes and decided as a Muslim couple, we’d better get breeding. We thought this might take a long time, conceiving is rather like doing the splits, you don’t know how difficult it might be until you try to do it. Alhamdulilah, I got pregnant instantly, which was a bit of a shock, but then we do both come from big families.

So, after witnessing The Purple Lines of Destiny, I had that little period where it’s all a secret and apart from feeling massively pre-menstural, I didn’t feel any different.

Then I met the midwife and was given a load of pregnancy bumf. The concept that there will be a little person about next year (insha Allah), is starting to form, but I’m having a hard enough time imagining myself with a bump.

I’ve worked with lots of pregnant women. Some of them glowed throughout their pregnancies, others looked utterly miserable and I couldn’t understand why. Pregancy should be a happy time, right?

I feel so ignorant now. Morning sickness is far too trite a term for the actual crippling nausea that strikes (and not just in the morning either).  My gosh, it is heinous, convulsing misery and that, coupled with a need for sleep verging on narcolepsy, means that being pregnant is not oodles of fun. I just got so tired of not feeling like myself. Hence the inner party animal tag, which came seeing the baby dancing around on the ultrasound and every morning for me feeling like New Year’s Day (for a non-teetotaller).

Alhamdulilah, I’m through the first trimester now and starting to feel better, though I still have a regular appointment with the sink.

That is enough pregnancy rambling for now. I promise this won’t turn into a m****y blog, honest. I’m actually a bit obsessed with Mr Outlines, but I hardly ever write about him, so I know I can do it.


13 Responses

  1. Hi Safiya, congratulations first of all! Rss readers have turned me into a very lazy commentator, but I finally did it 🙂

    Don’t worry about your symptoms, they are more common than anyone imagines and yest the increased need for sleep is annoying everyone 🙂

    All the best to you,

  2. Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mabrook!!! I’m so so so so happy for you. May Allah ease your nausea and give you one of those glowing-I’m-so-happy-I-can’t-stop-smiling pregnancies. InshaAllah.

    I’m so happy. 😀

    Tabarak Allah.

  3. 🙂

    Actually the whole pregnancy thing is a hard task , but the worst has passed alhamdullellah… try to enjoy your life before the little one takes all your time and you won’t even find the time to sleep..so enjoy it 😉

  4. Salam!
    I’m glad to hear that the worst is behind you, enshallah! Good luck with the next two trimesters!

  5. Congratulations!! I’m so happy to read this, MashAllah. Mabrooks!

  6. Purple Lines and My Inner Party Animal

    how much do i love the title of this post?! LOTS. sounds so rocking. =)

    congrats on the pregnancy, buddy! may you and the little one be healthy, inshaAllah, and i hope everything goes smoothly – including getting rid of the icky morning sickness/pseudo-hangover feeling. =)

    very excited for you all. highfive to you!

  7. OHHHHH CONGRATULATIONS, i am a bit late, but still :))))) Let the remaining 6m pass easily and wish you pleasant delivery ;))))


  8. Many mabrooooks to you and yours. I “failed” miserably the “glowing pregnant woman” phase. I hated the first trimester of each and every pregnancy, and convinced myself that I had burned holes in my esophagus from all of the sink/toilet visits. With the first child I was hospitalized several times for dehydration.

    Then you have those who look like something out of a fairy tale and who never experience even a tinge of nausea. They are the freaks, not us.

    Second trimester, however, I always had a ton of energy (and appetite!). And you won’t be so tired. InshaAllah. Take care of yourself.

  9. Salaam Alaikum,

    Thank you for your lovely comments everyone!

    Alhamdulilah, I am feeling better and food has become my friend once more.

    Yasmine – I love your blog so much, so I feel all girlishly excited that you read mine.

    Umm Farouq – Thanks for the advice. I feel a bit of a wuss compared to you, I don’t think I could do this four times!

  10. Woooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! No way!!!! Wow!!!!!

    I’ve obviously missed a fair bit while on internet holiday. 🙂

    Super congratulations to you and Mr. Outlines. I can’t wait to hear all about the next 9 months. And even if your blog does turn into a Mommy one, I will still be around quite frequently, as you are one of my first friends – virtual or not – to be having a baby.

    PS – Rico and I are already being bombarded by the “So, when are you going to have kids” runaround…

  11. Hi Ali – My gosh you guys have only just got married! People are so impatient aren’t they?

    As for the mommy blog thing, it’s because I have a real dislike for some of the antics of certain mommy bloggers, it’s one thing to mention your family life but when your child cannot sneeze without it being blogged about (and you’re getting money for that blogging), then it verges on exploitation.

  12. Salaam sweetie & Ramadan kareem!

    What wonderful news for you & your family – may Allah bless you with a healthy and righteous child, ameen!

    Much love,

  13. I am so late with this, but mabrook! I’m so happy for you 🙂

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