French Women Refused Citizenship

Full story here

This is such a sinister and frightening ruling with wide reaching consequences.

This women abides by French law, presumably her husband pays his taxes and supports her financially, so she is no burden upon the state (this is usually a pre-requisite for citizenship), she speaks French, she is not a danger to society.

Yet, because the powers that be dislike how she lives her life in private, she has been denied citizenship.

Is she not entitled to live her private life as she wishes without being penalised? Is this not a right that we all should have?

At the moment Muslims are the popular ‘whipping boy’ of society, so people are over looking the glaring invasion into civil liberties. We do so at our peril.


I’m going to away from the internet for a few days, so I won’t be able to comment or approve comments. I’ll be back Monday, insha Allah. May Allah the Almighty protect and guide you all.


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