Scribbles not Outlines 5 – with added rant content

For various reasons (not bad ones), there’s been little new content on here. This is probably going continue for a little while longer. I’ll try to do a post a week, probably on a Sunday, insha Allah.

I missed the last episode of Women In Black! The tv didn’t record the right episode and the BBC iPlayer site didn’t have it either. If any one knows of any other way I could see it, I would be most grateful.

What do Trotsky and Muslimahs in hijab have in common? They both get airbrushed from history. Thanks Obama. I’d like to think that no British politician (outside of the BNP) would stoop so low.

More sort of Obama talk, what is this term ‘Post-Racial’? Did I miss something? I know there are people those who think that unless you dance around in Klan gear, then you’re not a racist, but most of us beg to differ. Racism is still alive and well. We aren’t post anything.

Talking of anti-Muslim prejudice, have you noticed that when people are being bigoted about other groups, they always claim to have “…” friends, except when Muslims are concerned? We must be too awful to even pretend to be friends with. So from now on, when faced with such views, I will ask “Do you actually know any Muslims?”, “Have you ever been to a Muslim country?” and if the answer is no, then I will ask them stop showing their ignorance.

Finally, and I’m going to put this in bold: Feminism is not a trump card. What is feminist does not overrule all other ideologies, beliefs and concerns. So while you may gauge the importance or worth of something by it’s compatibility with ‘your’ concept of feminism, other people have different guidelines. Constantly trying to project ‘your’ concept of feminism or of women’s rights, onto people who do not share that concept, is not liberating, it’s insulting.



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  1. well said, everylast word.

    I know Obama apologized and also that it was two aides and not him personally who refused publicly visible seats to the two hijabis. For some bizarre reason, I read online in parenthesis that one of the aides was Black American, paranthetically trying to absolve him of any possible racist/prejudicial intent!!! cuz you know, American minorities can’t possibly enact racism! But anywayz, I am glad Obama apologized, but still so sad that the incident ever happened. It is true that to some large segment of US society that association with Islam is a huge liability to Obama, just as his blackness, but in a different way. It makes me so frustrated and sad.

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