Scribbles not Outlines 4

I’m having WordPress Issues so this post is seriously lacking in links. My apologies.

Firstly, some wonderful news.

Sami Al Hajj has been freed after six years in Guantanamo Bay. No charges were ever brought against him.

Hijab flutter and link to Sunni Sisters, where you can see him greet his son who he hasn’t seen since he was 4 months old. May Allah Subhana Wa T’Ala reward them for their sabr and insha Allah bring and end to the ordeal of all those who have been unjustly incarcerated.

Red Ken lost. The new Mayor of London is not only a Tory *clutches soldily working class necklace (pearls are too sloaney)*, but one with a history of Islamophobic comments. My sympathies for the Muslims of London and for Londoners generally. Yusuf Smith has written further on this. (Click Indigo Jo on my Blogroll.

On to more trivial matters now.

My team has been relegated. They are now at their lowest position ever. I am gutted like a fish about it, which is ironic as they have been as much use as a wig on fish all season, hence their demise.

It goes to show that I haven’t been blogging enough recently, as WordPress have monkeyed around with the buttons and now I don’t know which button to press to add links. Not impressed.

I’ve just finished reading ‘Scattered Pictures’ by Imam Zaid Shakir. It’s an excellent read and probably the next best thing to attending a lecture by the man himself. I am about to finally, finally read Martin Ling’s biography of the Prophet (peance and blessings be upon him). I started reading it before but then moving e.t.c got in the way.

To use an Iman Zaid quote, I’m realising that I need to “put more weight on the bar” and try and put more effort into my ibadat. It’s funny how you can always find time for that which doesn’t benefit you.

Does anyone have tips on improving your practice? Insha Allah, it would be nice if we could share them.

Talking of things which benefit, I’m going to mop the kitchen floor now.

That’s football team btw for those not interested in the beautiful game. Those including Mr Outlines who did not know what relgation meant, or quite why I was looking so sad about it. I have a lot to teach him.


3 Responses

  1. I love football, but blessed if I know anything about Euro or Brit leagues.

    Give me Cruz Azul, America, or Chivas; or Zamalek, Ismaili, or Ahly and I’m down.

    My husband knows more about the rest of them.

    And alhumdulillah for Sami al-Hajj.

  2. I’m not good with tips, I’m the one who thinks she needs to move across the world to improve…yet Allah is closer than my jugular vein.


  3. The best way to feel better re:London is to crank as much anti-Tory music as possible. The most obvious choice is “F$%k Everyone Who Voted Tory” by Oil Polloi, but old Two-Tone stuff kinda implies it, as does Crass. I just play Bruce Springsteen and and Woody Guthrie whenever the Republicans score a victory. Or the Democrats, really.

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