Scribbles not Outlines 3 plus blogging about blogging

My cable package now includes the FX channel which is about to show the new seasons of Dexter and NCIS. Woo-hoo!

Further on the trashy tv tip, We watched the first episode of Dirty, Sexy Money last night. It looks good and will probably fall into the category of “T.V I talk to my Mum about”.

Donald Sutherland plays one of the main characters in the above programme. The man is 72 and looks fantastic. I’ve googled ‘Donald Sutherland plastic surgery’ and nothing incriminating came up, so I will presume it’s natural. Time has given him such an interesting face. I’m tired of watching actresses whose faces don’t move. Such butchery makes me feel nauseous and sabotages any attempt at emoting.

Aging is an inevitable process, so I wish we could embrace it’s beauty rather then railing against it. Why fear getting older?

When asked if she was frightened about becoming 40, Elle MacPherson (yes, wisdom comes from all sources on this blog) stated, “Well the alternative is not turning 40 (i.e dying), and that’s far more frightening.” Indeed.

Sad news from the States, being nice about Muslims is not a vote winner – all candidates.

Gossip folks! No, this doesn’t involve any celebrities. To think, people see gossip as a female foible.

Help wanted – I want to add some items to my blog’s sidebar (new comments, recent posts, e.t.c). Anyone out there with WordPress savvy? Done! Jazak Allahu Khayran and hijab flutter to iMuslim

It would appear that British food is the Millwall of global cuisine.

Finally, I wrote this as a comment on Umar Lee’s blog, but I wanted to repost it here:

What it comes down to is that the Ummah is flowing with haterade and we can see this oh so clearly on the Muslim blogosphere.

It takes many forms. Outright insults, to digs in the guise of piety or enjoying the good. Some people cannot praise anything, without first insulting something else.

I’m sure everyone here reading this, knows already knows that we are meant to make 70 excuses for our brothers and sisters.

Words have power and that includes the power to hurt.

Blog constructively people. If you have a problem with what someone has written, either email them so you can relay your concerns in private or when you write your comment take care to critique the words and not the person. Alternatively, let it go. Is it really that important?
Do not write a ton of insults, or just as bad, write a thinly veiled denunciation on your own blog which is obviously about them. The Islamiblogosphere is small and everyone will know who you are talking about.

I address this advice to myself before anyone else.

I’ve seen and read a lot of hurt feelings on the interwebs and so much of it comes down to people not extending each other basic courtesy. Be nice folks.


14 Responses

  1. Re: “people see gossip as a female foible.” – WTF?

  2. To quote Dogtanian: “Huh?”

    The point I was trying to make was that if you click the link, you can read about destructive gossip within the macho field of market speculation. My comment about gossip being a female trait, was therefore meant as sarcasm.

    Carry on.

  3. Salaam Dear Sister 🙂

    An old Sufi tradition advises us to speak only after our words have managed to pass through four gates. At the first gate, we ask ourselves, “Are these words true?” If so, we let them pass on; if not, back they go. At the second gate we ask; “Are they necessary?” At the third gate we ask; “Are they beneficial?” and at the fourth gate, we ask, “Are they kind?” If the answer to any of these is no, then what you are about to say should be left unsaid.

    Such a tradition would be good for the blogosphere also 🙂

    Ya Haqq,

  4. The Millwall of world cuisine? That was funny.

  5. Salaam Alaikum,

    Darvish – I’ve heard that saying attributed to Socrates too, but then the best wisdom is universal and transcends cultural and religious barriers.

    P.S I’m thrilled to have received my first ‘Ya Haqq’ comment.

    Abu Sinan – I’m glad someone got the reference! I am astounded by the slating British food gets – it’s the best! Sunday Roast mmm-mmm.

  6. Yeah, I was wondering if anyone outside of the UK might get that one. I didnt mind British foods, the traditional stuff that is. Seems now at days the traditional food is curry.

    It is surprising how hard it is in some places to find Bangers and Mash or a Sunday roast. I miss those Sunday roasts with a nice Yorkshire pudding covered top to bottom with gravy.


  7. dirty sexy money is nos-nos. from my perspective i fail to see why that nick is so goddamn meek. and how people can tolerate the kind of insult they do on that show and still go on. and also how can one lawyer handle all the affairs of the family? i’m one and i don’t see it happening. u can’t be an expert on everything and shit takes LOADS of time.
    ncis is one of the reasons i stopped going to the gym. i couldn’t watch one more ep.

    darvish, that’s great advice! no one needs censoring more than myself.

  8. Forsooth – I think it’s a lawyer being portrayed as a servile dogsbody that bothers you most. 🙂

    NCIS is my televisual candy cane. It’s ludicrous and sometimes dubious but I really like it.

    Anyway, my question is: How come you’re seeing U.S tv shows in Egypt before we do? What’s so good about democracy and being taxed to within an inch of your life, if people living under dictatorships have better telly?

  9. Safs- This will be totally off topic: somewhere I read something about you being from the south and that for me, as a completely head up my arse American, translated to you being from Alabama.

    It wasn’t until I saw you defending Britain’s (terrible :P) food that I realized that I was horribly mistaken.

    I am quite possibly the biggest dork ever and I sincerely apologize.

    NCIS- can’t stand it. But some of the detectives are yummy so when my mom is watching it I might take a quick peek. I am obsessed with Medium. I don’t know Dirty Sexy Money but I might chck it out?

    But I must confess that my dirty little tv secret is watching The Girls Next Door.

    And I always (try) to think about what I say before I say it.

  10. Salaam Alaikum-

    I was born down south but haven’t really lived there.
    I will let your slander against our wonderful cuisine slide for now, but on this occasion only. 😉

    We get Medium over here, but I’ve never watched it, because (Warning :run-on sentence ahoy!) in the trailers it shows her repeatedly waking up in bed with a vision and each time she’s wearing about three layers of clothes and it looks really sweaty and it makes my skin crawl.

    I had to Google the Girls Next Door. In your defence, I’ve heard it’s strangely compelling. I cannot judge anyone, Mr Outlines and I have been know to watch A Shot at Love more than once. It’s worth it just for Mr Outlines’ running commentary:
    “All this for her?!”
    “Pssssh (Syrian for extremely unimpressed)”
    “Look at him crying, has he no shame?”

    Finally, I am concerned, does no one else out there like NCIS?

  11. you were born down south? Like Alabama? Or Southern England? I’m confooosed.

    Omg, yea my mom and I watched a shot of love because it was like a car accident, you had to stare in disbelief and thank GOD your car was still in one piece. She started to watch rock of love but I threatened to throw the tv out of the window.

    She also got me hooked on the biggest loser, and being on the hefty side myself I get motivated watching them.

    About NCIS I really do like the cool science crime scene stuff, but I watched way too many episodes where I was like “oh you’ve GOT to be $&#@ing kidding me?!?”

    But its not bad. The Las Vegas one blows, Miami was ok, but the original was the best. They ask for way too many leaps of faith for me to really watch it.

    Oh, but I am completely obsessed with Law and Order SVU. Do you get that one over there?

  12. oh and LOL

    “Pssssh (Syrian for extremely unimpressed)”

  13. Just to clear things up, I have never been in the U.S. So down south =south of England.

    We get all the Law and Orders. SVU is a bit grim, but I love Ice T in it.
    I don’t like Criminal Intent much, it’s just that guy dectective coming up with spurious theories and shouting them at the suspect until they crack.

    We also get all the CSI’s too. Las Vegas good (Marg Helgenberger needs to step away from the botox though), New York ok (although I tut-tut at the detective with the lovely curly hair as she ways about 40% less then she should). As for the Miami one, David Caruso = unwatchable.

    Yes ‘Psssh’ is great. Arabic is enriched with sounds that convey deep meaning. ‘Uff’ is another one.

  14. As-salaamu-alaikum,

    The “BE NICE” is advice is much needed.

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