Outlines Review: White Girl 10/03/08 BBC2

White Girl begins with the desperate move of a mother and her three children to an Asian area of Bradford in order to escape her violent husband.

Leah (an outstanding performance by Holly Kenny), 11 years old and the eldest child is the titular white girl. Her mum is an alcoholic and she bears much of the responsibility for her younger brother and sister. Initially, she feels alienated within the community, but gradually she befriends her asian next door neighbour. As she does so, she discovers more about Islam, until she converts, an action which brings her into direct conflict with her family.

I absolutely loved this film. With realistic dialogue and performances, more then any other drama dealing with similar subject matter, it showed the solace and joy of faith.  To non-Muslims, it can be baffling to outsiders why people become Muslim and why, even in the face of opposition from their loved ones, coverts feel it’s a belief and a way of live that they cannot leave.

Minor quibbles would be that one character said ” Allah, Peace be upon him” which is obviously incorrect. The modern soundtrack was also a tad obtrusive at times (but then I have a Dogme 95 view of music in films) and there was some unnecessary nudity.

As a convert, although, Alhamdulilah, my personal circumstances were not nearly as dire as Leah’s, I definitely could relate to her feeling and actions. As the time period since conversion increases, it is easy to forget the struggles and often loneliness which initially follow conversion. White Girl was a reminder for me of all that had happened since my conversion and how thankful I am.

You can watch the film online here 


12 Responses

  1. It sounds interesting, but unfortunately, you can only watch or download from the BBC2 site if you are in the UK. :-(( InshaAllah, maybe someone will eventually put it online where I can see it.

  2. Thanks, I’ll be watching this soon.

  3. You just hate white people.

    It is a great show if you are prejudiced against white people.

    Otherwise it was quite offensive given how it negatively stereotyped Britain’s working class whites.

  4. Salaam Alaikum,

    Hopefully it will be put on Google Video soon so that more people can see it.

    Karen – I am a British working class white woman. Do you think that Muslims can’t be white?

    This was one show which focused on a small family. That is hardly smearing the entire white working class population. I think what bothers you more, is that it showed Muslims in a good light.

    Also, you can make up a fake email address if you want, but you can’t hide your I.P address.

  5. I didn’t see where you can see the movie..just a 38 second promo?


  7. Salaam Alaikum,

    Mona – Unfortunately, the site only seems to work in the U.K. Insha Allah it will be on Google Video soon.

    Chickadee – Welcome to my blog! I’m not quite sure what you mean by your comment though.

  8. Asalamu Walaikum,

    I trailed over from MuslimahMW to read about “Islamophobic gynaecologists” but the linky isn’t working…could you please direct?

    Love and Peace,

  9. Salaam Alaikum Brooke
    The post is at my old blog:


    If you left click and copy and paste it, it should work.

  10. Clarification: I meant that her assumption about your ethnicity was wrong, and you called her on it. OH, SNAP!

  11. safiya I can finally comment here…there was something wrong were I couldn’t comment for a while. I was digging your last couple of posts and had to remain silent! anyway, I hope I get a chance to see this movie and YES they ALWAYS ask me “you want upper lip?” more as a command than a question!

  12. hey, yay! my comment worked!

    karen i hate me some whiteyz too! down with whitey!

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