Scribbles not Outlines 2

It’s all about hair…

Um Outlines came to visit and of course we went shopping. While wandering around a posh department store, we spotted a threading booth. I have never had any threading done but I’d heard it’s good. Plus, my eyebrows were so unruly, they were on the verge of being slapped with an ASBO. So we both sat in a chair and let the therapists get to work. It’s a weird sensation, but bearable.

When she was finishing off my brows, the lady said, “Would you like your upper lip done too?”

“Is it that bad?”, I replied.

“Well… the hairs are quite long”.

I do attend to this area from time to time, but admittedly the last time I had done so, could only be described as long ago.

(Burning with shame) “Ok then”.

I’m not sure if I was being a big baby, but it was sore – My eyes were watering!

However, I was very pleased with the end result. I whisked my Mum away before she could be persuaded to shell out for an overpriced bottle of Aloe Vera gel. She also had to feel my top lip and feel how smooth it was:

“Very nice dear. Better then that time you bleached it, that looked awful”*.

One of the downsides of wearing hijab is the difficulty in getting a decent haircut.

Not to be too descriptive, but sans hijab, I was starting to look like a Fraggle. After an aborted trip to the hairdressers, I’d had enough.


I washed my hair, brushed it out and pointed to my husband how short I wanted it.

Mr Outlines is a meticulous sort anyway and the owner of a neatly-trimmed goatie, so I figured he’d be able to cut hair in a straight line.

Result! Job done in a few minutes and without all that hair-tugging hairdressers do.^

Can some decent films be released please? I’ve forgotten what the inside of a cinema looks like. There’s not even much I want to get out on dvd. Suggestions welcome.

Book suggestions are also always welcome.

Some of us Muslims are a tad cynical, thinking that there’s no bad stereotype that the media wouldn’t use.

Here’s a banned car advert: YouTube.
Worth getting a Yellow Card for:


Taken from ummahpulse
Donate, make du’a, educate yourself, educate others and remember that nothing is infinite except Allah Subhannahu wa ta’ala.

*Bleaching does look bad. I’m not sure why anyone does it. It always makes me think of Lanugo hair, especially when people bleach the hair on their arms. My excuse was that I was young, foolish and frightened. It wasn’t until I went into a beauty salon and saw the range of areas that they wax that I realised how much facial hair removal goes on.

^I have a microscopic pain threshold when it comes to my hair. I cannot bear for anyone else to brush it, except me. One of the main reasons I hate going to the hairdressers. Yes, I am odd.


7 Responses

  1. Its a good feeling getting all your hairs in order!

  2. Woah I just saw the VW ad, I’m not sure how I feel. That was….bold.

  3. word, I finally went, after a year of no trimming, to a hairdresser with a screen to cut my hair.

    I felt so good when it was done.

    And I’m happier than anything out of this blogpost to hear about you being back in the same house with mr outlines. :D:D

    mabrook habibity, I know how much it sucks to be away. 😀

  4. Salaam!
    I loooove threading for my upper lip, but I prefer tweezing for my brows.
    Threading is supposed to be better because, although it’s painful, it takes the hair away as quickly as waxing, without the skin damage. And, over time, collagen and tweezing can deteriorate the skin’s collagen, especially in sensitive areas like around eyes and upper lips!

  5. Salaam Alaikum,

    Mona – The ad was something else. I’m glad they didn’t use it.
    Getting my hair(s) in order, was indeed satisfying.

    Molly – Alhamdulilah, we’ve been back together full-time for a few months now. Insha Allah, I hope you and your habibi are together soon.

    Zeynab – I usually pluck, but waxing or shaving is better for getting them into a good shape.

  6. Wait is waxing considered as bad for your skin as tweezing? I’m am pretty good at waxing these days and it’s dirt cheap, even though I wish I was rich so I could just have everything removed permanently.

    I am totally underwhelmed by movies right now as well, but I have 2 totally random recommendations:
    Marooned in Iraq: Iranian movie about Kurds, made by the same guy who did Turtles can Fly, but way better IMO.

    Book: All Miriam Toews’ stuff. A Complicated Kindess, etc. Set in this Mennonite community in the prairies, this really simple, to the point story that’s really funny and sad and haunting at the same time. I love things that combine tragedy and comedy.

  7. […] came across this picture here, and read an article about it […]

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