Pop Culture Confessions: Depressed by Disney Pop Princesses and Delighted by Dh*mmiwatch

I have recently been taking a work related course at university. The course subject itself was fairly interesting, but the assignment was a malformed vat of tedium.

As I am skilled in internet timewasting, I did a lot of looking at sites of no real benefit in between bursts of actual work.

I was reading an interview with the latest teen pop sensations Aly and AJ. When describing their Christian beliefs they also had this to say:

“We don’t want to exclude anybody,” AJ adds, finishing her sister’s thought (they do that a lot). “If we have a Muslim fan or an atheist fan, that’s their thing — I’m gonna love them no matter what.”

I know they are only teenagers and they meant well, but something about that statement bothered me.

I know so many people who aren’t interested in God. The concept of a Creator, a purpose, something other then this life – not concerned. Maybe he exists. Maybe he doesn’t. Meh.

So when I meet people who believe in God and to whom faith is sincerely a key part of their lives, I feel a kind of connection to them. This is especially true of followers of the two other Abrahamic faiths.  We share a lot and I feel a great kinship when we can talk about our belief in the power of prayer and trusting in God.

I know due to politics and ignorance, people don’t that know Allah swt is God and God is Allah, Who created the world and sent us Books and Guidance so that we might come to know Him. They are the same.

Delving back into the real of brain candy. I like my police procedurals and my favourite is probably NCIS, because it’s relatively light and fluffy and if I want to see really grim things, I watch the news.

However, NCIS does have it’s fair share of Reel Bad Arab/Muslim plot lines. It could be argued that they are being current and they are far from the only show to do this. I guess I hate seeing negative portrayals because they are virtually no positive portrayals of Muslims. Also it feeds existing prejudices. Baddies in U.S films are often English too, but the English are not subjected to demeaning smear tactics in mass media.

Anyway, so I was Googling to see if anyone had written anything about NCIS‘s plot lines involving Muslims when I found this Dh*mmiwatch commentator describing a scene from NCIS:

‘…the local yokel hayseed Sheriff’s Deputy barges into the hospital room and begins to aggressively question and berate the Iraqi. The Deputy says, “One inch difference, and the bullet that hit your chest would have sent you to be with your 72 virgins.”

Then the Deputy gets closer to the bed and says, “What kind of sick religion would tell you to martyr yourself for –“

But the Deputy is cut off immediately at that point when Officer David — the American Israeli ex-Mossad agent for NCIS — grabs his arm and puts it in a painful lock behind his back, causing him to wince in pain. And she says to him:

“When you insult another man’s religion, you insult my religion and your own religion!”‘

Actually, this episode was shown here the other night and the commentator misquoted  her . What she actually said was:

“When you insult his religion, you insult my religion and your own religion too!”.

I wish that more people, other then a fictional tv character held the same opinion.


7 Responses

  1. Well, we are closer to Atheists in a way…. 1 closer to zero than it is to 3. And we start the Kalima (roughly) as “there is no god, but god”….An Atheist is halfway there!

  2. As I sit here listening to “Creed” I would have to agree with you. I feel far more at home with religious Christians, and especially Jews, than I do with any person who is agnostic or atheist.

    I guess it just sucks when you run into those religious people who are ignorant and just dont have a clue.

  3. You are right, it might sound as if they are getting over some flaw and love them anyway. However, I think their intentions and thoughts on the matter are good ones, they just need to learn more about how they should express their beliefs.

  4. well because of chronology, obviously Jews don’t believe in Christianity; and Christians don’t believe in Islam (as divine). if they did, they would be Muslims, wouldn’t they? so i don’t think it follows that anyone should respect anyone else’s religion at all; they can’t all be right, otherwise people wouldn’t choose one over another. however, unlike most of my countrymen, such a staunch supporter of freedom of speech that i think any religion is fair game for ridicule.

  5. Salaam Alaikum and thank you all for your comments

    Forsooth – I don’t think you have to believe in something or that something is true in order to respect it.

    The point I was making refers to the widely held but mistaken belief that Muslims worship a different God to Jews and Christians. We might have different views on Prophets and concepts of God, but it is that same God. Hence the U.S evangelical view that we are a bunch of Moon worshipping pagans is somewhat grating.

    The whole idea that is there is or should be total freedom of speech is a myth. Everyone has boundaries. What about when speech becomes hate speech? What are the consequences of hate speech?

    Too many people think that freedom of speech equals the right to say what they want without criticism. It doesn’t work that way. If you have the right to say something, some else has the right to take offence and argue their point in return.

    The intention behind the speech is also key. For example, why ridicule something? Is it because you find it genuinely amusing, or because you what to challenge or undermine it’s status within society? Just wishing to upset or cause controversy is far less effective then an actual constructive dialogue. The key for such dialogue is of course respect.

  6. Good for the writers of that last show you mentioned. Bout time something positive comes up although in a weird circumstance.

  7. i dont know why some people take muslims as bad people … especially in the U.S … everybody should respect everybody’s know why it’s religion .. and i dont why it is a big deal … i mean in my country there is muslims and christians and it is normal .. but i blame lairs ,some bad truth twisting media and so called people that try to make themselves big and smart .. by giving a bad opinion . thnx

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