Speedy Mittwoch post: I could say so much more about this…

One of those moments when you’re sat at your computer at home desperately combining work with work avoidance and your phone rings and it’s your favourite person in the world and you’re so happy to hear from them, so happy that they exist and you have them in your life, that when the conversation finishes, you get up from your chair and do a little dance of joy.


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  1. Salam Alikum,

    Congrats on your blog. It looks good. I’m in the process of actually switching mine as well, INsha’Allah. When I do, I will let you know. I’ll be back blogging for a while till I start school again, Insha’Allah. Happy New Year!:) And looking forward to reading more of your awesome posts of yours. 🙂

  2. Walikum Salaam,

    Yippee! That would be brilliant. I loved your blog, plus I am seriously missing my dose of cuteness, seeing pics of Sinan and Sayf, masha Allah!

    Any chance of Abu Sinan starting his blog again too?

    Insha Allah this year will bring you and your family tons of blessings 🙂

  3. hi safiya

    nice blog.
    iam always joyful when my favouriteperson in the world calls me but not to the extent of doing a dance of joy. hehehehe

  4. Salaam Alaikum Safiya,

    hvala :)…for being there :)!Oh,I wish you would tell us more about that phone call that made you so happy.Please :)?
    I enjoyed reading your previous post as well.I do not know the music you were writing about,but regarding Euronews we feel the same.I always like to watch it especially,becouse the world facts are just reported and not commented.In this way there are less chances that somebody affects the way you feel about some world issues and it leaves you to build your own opinion.
    Let me also wish you good reading…it is a good idea to go to the library.It will motivate you to read!
    By the way,it is nice that you watched a programme about Slovenia.It is beautiful now that the frontiers are open.I live just 3km away from Italy and it is nice to be able to cross the border without stopping anymore.When you live so close to another country,you think:”We are just to close,to be apart!”

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