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Dave at Every Land is Barcelona, Every Day is May Day, wrote a post giving advice to New Muslims. It is an excellent post and I especially liked this line:

‘Islam, to know the peace of submission to the most high, is not a culture, it existed before the Arabian peninsula even had people upon it and it will exist when the last of the stars die in the heavens.’

I think all new Muslims, through various different means, have that beautiful realisation that there is a God, when the shahada becomes written upon your heart to become the most all encompassing truth. There is No God worthy of Worship except Allah and Muhammed is His Messenger.

That seeking, reaching out to Allah. The whispered prayers and  thoughts. I believe…I want to live as You wish me to…

The sensations are so deep and personal and sharing this change on a communal level can be a jarring experience.

Here’s my analogy. Everyone has a candle. Through or Iman, faith in Allah swt, that candle is lit and that light guides you and that guidance is Islam.

When that flame is first ignited, it’s a vulnerable flame, easily snuffed out. Hostility from those around you can make things difficult.

Yet, almost as dangerous as the flame being distinguished, is forgetting about the flame, what it means and how to increase it. Instead we worry about the other candle holders. Are they holding their candle correctly? Is their candle like mine? Maybe I need to change my candle? Maybe my candle will never be good enough, because I only just found out about mine, others have known about it from birth.

It can be a wonderful gathering with other candle holders, so long as we remember what it is that lights the candles , we can use this light for many types of good.

The flame is  always key.

I use this analogy, because from my own experience, it is so easy to get tangled up in being a Muslim that you forget what it means.

Remembering you are a Muslim is not the same as remembering Allah swt.

So my advice to converts is to never forget, why they became Muslim in the first place and to feel their iman as a living, growing entity. Be eager for what makes it strong and shun what makes it weak or uncertain, no matter what other people say.

Alhamdulilah, there are good people out there. They can guide you, give you good advice, but only you can carry your flame.

All strength, all blessings, all goodness comes from Allah swt alone.


6 Responses

  1. What a fabulous post. I agree with you entirely, and I like the candle analogy. Thats what I feel like my faith feels like, a warm candle inside.

  2. Thank you. MashaAllah what a beautiful post.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. You expanded on it wonderfully.

  4. Barikallah, great post! Very beautifully written.

  5. I love that: Remembering you are a Muslim is not the same as remembering Allah.


    Hey where’s your blogroll?

  6. as-salam alaykum,

    i’ll remember the candle flame. here’s something similar i wrote some time back:

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