A media as bleak as the weather.

It is that time of year again. I haven’t seen the sun in days. The sky just slides from being black to grey and back again.

For Muslims in MediaLand, things are equally bleak. There must be a (metaphorical) forest that exists to produce sticks to hit Muslims and Islam with. Rape case in Saudi, ludicrousness involving a teddy bear, there’s always something, even if it has nothing to do with, or is condemned (yes condemnation , that activity all the Islamophobes claim we never do) by 99.9% of Muslims.

“Bad Muslims!”


“It’s all the fault of your religion! + Hopelessly misquoted excerpts from the Qur’an and Sunnah”


“You are so backward”


“You are a threat to our way of life”


Which invariably leads to

“Clash of civilisations”

*Frenzied whacking*

It is both bewildering and sinister. It seems no branch of the media is free from this disdain of Islam and Muslims.

So it is a pleasant surprise to read of someone defending Muslims or at least, challenging one of the newest pretenders to the “I hate Muslims more than you ” throne.

When I read this article (massive, yet ladylike hijab flutter to Sunni Sister), I looked at the name of the writer and pondered whether it was that Chris Morris, the creator of the frequently funny but often boundary-pushing and gleefully tasteless Brass Eye. It was and the article is worth a read, even if it does nothing to stem the tide ofIslamophobic bile in the comments section.

It is tiring sometimes. Is it worth fighting with?, Engaging or correcting? There are so many things I would rather write about, especially since this post is little more than the squeaks of a mouse in the middle of a zoo.

In the midst of all this, a slogan comes to mind:

Islamophobia: The choice of prejudice for a new generation

There have been other groups in a smilar situation. What we are experiencing is not new. So we know that we have to fight it, however tiring and in what ever way we can, we must speak out and challenge and never let our silence suffocate the truth.


8 Responses

  1. Salam waleykum.
    (Sigh) Yes. It DOES get tiring. Seeing the Islamophobic articles gets tiring, reading Islamophobic blogs gets tiring, and fighting with people who just want to hate Muslims is tiring. But we do it!

  2. Salaam,

    Good article. I laughed at this line: “Now, what is your balanced view of these primitive wife-beating idiotic bastards?” Gotta love those comments though, how dare anyone suggest Muslims aren’t all vile monsters? Because the few Muslims that are not vile monsters are not *real* Muslims, they’re too stupid and blind to know what Islam *really* says. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    When I feel really down and depressed by all this, I just try to take a break from the news and blogs for a while. It helps a little.

  3. If it’s tiring for me to see so much stupidity, I imagine how it might be for you! Trying to correct something wrong over and over again. But if I think about it, I think we are all put in that position, individually and as a group. Regardless of the group. To your slogan, I’d also add xenophobia 🙂 I guess Romanians and other Easter-Europeans are getting a lot of that lately, especially from the media 🙂

  4. Salaam Alaikum,
    Thank you all for your comments.

    Alina – You are so right! I absolutely cringe when I read some of the things written about Eastern Europeans, especially Romanians. Then I think, “Ha, I know a Romanian who’s more intelligent and better educated then the person writing this article” 🙂

    I think it’s because Romanians are white, so they can feel that insulting them isn’t racist.*eyeroll* Ditto Muslims, as Islam isn’t a race, even though Islamophobia definitely has racial tones to it.

    Prejudice sucks and we shouldn’t still be having to wade through it in 2007.

  5. How is condemning the Saudi rape case and the Sudan lunacy prejuduce?
    These are all majority Muslim nations acting on what they consider to be Islamic law.
    Instead of trying to correct non-Muslims who obviously get phobic when witnessing such barbarity and injustice carried out in the name of Islam shouldn’t you instead be much more involved in correcting those bad bad bad bad bad Muslims who don’t understand anything about Islam?
    I mean if you want people to be less phobic about Muslims a good way to start would be to concentrate on correcting the bad Muslims who totally misunderstand your peaceful and progressive religion.
    Instead I see you concentrating on non-Muslims and what they are doing.
    It should not be your concern what non-Muslims do or not do.

  6. Durendal

    Go back to the beginning of the article and actually read what I have written, not what you think I have written.

    The other three commenters have understood my point exactly, which leads me to conclude that your reading comprehension may be lacking in some way.

    I will be concerned with whatever matters I choose, whether they involve Muslims or Non Muslims and I find your suggestion to the contrary outrageous.

    I suspect you have attempted to troll my old blog previously. Generally , I never publish or engage with trolls, but from time to time I will do so in order to illustrate the sort of rubbish I receive.

  7. It is quiet depressing reading these things, but we must continue to denounce the idiocy and what is not from Islam.

  8. Salaam Safiya,

    media?Oh no…I decided long ago that I will not follow it.I read newspapers or watch the news just to be informed what goes on in the world,otherwise I make myself an opinion based on everyday life.What I know about Muslims so far is that they really believe in God and that they are very polite towrds each other and their families.Check out this all you Christians who leave your older relatives to die slowly in houses for elderly people!
    However,media has a power to move masses.Especially the ones that make ignorance their religion.What I really believe in is my own thought and heart.Therefore,I would always behave politely,just as Islam thaught me,even when some people become very rude when I tell them about my interest in this religion.I go my way and who knows maybe one day people will understand the true essence of Islam.But,even if they do not,who cares.They will not be left alone,they will have the media always on their side.The devil never rests!

    Bye my dear Safiya :)!

    P.S.:Oh think about it if the phrases in the newspapers would be written as such.Who would than be the evel one,ah?
    Christians attacked Irak after 11.9.2001.
    Christians in France give only three months of free time from work to women who become mothers.
    Christians in Europe allow women to prostitute and take than the money from them.
    Christians in Europe sell people who than become non paid working force.
    Christians in Europe beat their wifes.

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