7 random and rather large things

Tagged by Mona. You all know the tag’s rules and I’m too lazy to write them so..

1, I promise I am not a cutsey pink wearer, but my current screensaver is Yoshi and before that it was Miffy.
2, Sometimes I will read about something or hear about something and it will upset me for ages. I’ve just written a more in depth post about that here.

3, Welsh/Cymraeg. I have a deep love of the Welsh language although I know so little of it. It is just so beautiful and it has mutations! I love speaking it although I so rarely get the opportunity. You Tube doesn’t work well for me, but to hear a song sung in Welsh, click here.

4, My favourite surah to recite is Al Asr. Not because it is short, but you really have to have to move your mouth to recite it, it can’t be muttered, so the recitation feels really emphatic. Also the meaning is an absolute truth worded very simply.

5, If I could change one thing about myself, it would that I could pray every prayer with full concentration. What a gift that would be.

6, One of my favourite questions to ask people is:

Which of the following abilities would you choose:

1, The power of flight

2, Being able to breathe under water

3, Communicate with animals

Myself, I would choose either 1 or 3.

7, I love Post Secret. Every Sunday, I’m there to get my fix. It’s not been updated this Sunday, which I was disappointed about until I discovered that there is Post Secret France. So with the help of Bablefish and Google France (to copy and paste letters with accents into Bablefish) I was still able to see some secrets.

I was also able to increase my French vocabulary. J’ai peur means I am afraid. Lots of people’s secrets are really their secret fears.

So I am going to break the rules of this meme. Instead of asking for seven random facts, I will ask:

What is your secret fear?

I tag everyone who reads this and the folks on my blogroll (still at old site, will update soon.)


12 Responses

  1. I’ve already done it, sadly, can’t be tagged 😦

    I learned several Welsh phrases when I lived in Scotland because I kept planning to visit Wales. I never did, unfortunately, and the only one I remember now is “paint o’ guru” (pint of beer). People keep saying Islam needs a Martin Luther, but I’d say we need a King Arthur. Wales sounds like as good a place as any to start looking.

    Anyway, like David Bowie, I’m afraid of Americans.

  2. Safiya, I feel a kinship with you. First of all, my youngest daughter’s name is Safiyah. I too wish I could fly and speak to animals. I WAIT for sundays to come around for Post Secret and was quite disapointed that there were’nt any new secrets this week. 😉

  3. Thanks for the tag, Safiya, I tagged you too 😀

    About wordpress (I read your comments on your old blog)…I moved from blogger to hosted domain with a wordpress platform. It works like a charm to me, especially now, that I got myself some pro hosting 🙂

  4. I love your new blog–I linked to it. Peace Sister.

  5. “My favourite surah to recite is Al Asr. Not because it is short” – lol

  6. tagged you back! on my blog

  7. salam alaikoum oops btw

  8. Mine is done!! Thanks for the tag, though mine turned out to be pretty depressing.

  9. I love Post Secret too. It comforts you somewhat when you read a secret similar to something you’ve experience or felt. But besides that, it makes you realize that everyone has something deep within them and it makes them very much more human than you thought.

    I’d choose the power of flight 🙂

  10. I finally finished the tag. Sorry to have taken so long 🙂

  11. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  12. Idetrorce – because?

    Thanks for all your comments everyone.

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